a certified Dolphin and Whale Energy Healer

Welcome, Gillian E. Mosapor (GEM) has a passion for transforming lives. Originally from Chicago, her journey has taken her from the East Coast to England finally settling her in the tranquil mountains near Malibu fulfilling her lifelong spiritual connection to LA.

Gillian’s mission in life is to spread joy, love and healing to those around her. She has a deep passion for marine life, conservation efforts, and exploring the special connection between humans and animals. Join her in her journey as she strives to make a positive impact on the world!


Gillian holds degrees in Zoology, Animal Behavior Counseling and is a Registered Veterinary Technician. She started her adult career as an Emergency Veterinary Technician working in multiple specialty hospitals in Los Angeles.

Never shying away from tragedy, accidents, and trauma she decided to start Pets to Vets, an animal ambulance and transport service in LA. For more than a decade she assisted countless families with their dogs, cats and other species in life threatening situations, emergencies, and general relocations or veterinary appointments.

Since childhood, she has been fascinated by the human-animal bond, animal communication and intuition. After becoming Rieki certified and receiving other healing modalities, she decided to study Dolphin and Whale energy medicine. With her master SCUBA certification she has traveled extensively around the globe to witness the underwater world.

She has snorkeled with wild Humpback whales in Mo’orea, wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in Bimini and touched a Gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon Mexico!

Her passions include: water, wildlife, sports, music, pilates, hiking, traveling and spending time with family, friends and dogs Robin, Sunny and Baloo, cat Sammy, and many lizards, frogs and a snake. She resides near Malibu with her husband and two daughters.